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 Loves  journey through Autism

In August 2013, I faced an excruciating choice. Eight months pregnant with my daughter, Aden, I received a devastating diagnosis: aggressive breast cancer. It was a living nightmare within a nightmare, an unimaginable challenge. Doctors insisted on aggressive treatment, but how could I battle cancer while protecting my unborn child?

Desperation led to countless heartfelt discussions with my family. Seeking solace and guidance, I turned to prayer, fervently hoping for a glimmer of hope. Ultimately, I made an unconventional decision - I chose to forgo chemotherapy and other invasive treatments, putting my faith in a higher power. My sole focus became ensuring my baby girl's safe arrival into this world, free from the burdens of chemotherapy.

On October 14, 2014, Aden's birth was a ray of hope, a testament to our unyielding spirit. However, as she grew, it became clear she wasn't hitting typical developmental milestones. At sixteen months, the diagnosis struck like lightning: Aden had Autism. My heart ached, and I couldn't help but wonder if my past health struggles were connected. But self-pity had no place in our journey. I immersed myself in Autism research, determined to find a path uniquely suited to Aden's life. I revisited my conversations with the divine, fervently seeking insights on how to be the unwavering pillar of support she deserved and improve her quality of life.

Amid the revelations, one shone brilliantly: the incredible power of sensory touch. Aden craved it, and it unlocked smiles and responses in ways that seemed miraculous. This led me to delve into the intricate connection between touch and Autism. I discovered that touch sensitivity played a crucial role in the development of children with Autism. With each gentle massage, Aden's world expanded. She became more affectionate, offering hugs and kisses that warmed our hearts. It was a transformation that left us in awe. These massages, as it turned out, were not just comforting but a path to normalizing her touch sensitivities. This transformation affected various sensory and self-regulatory aspects, gradually diminishing Autism's hold on her. Her behavior improved, social skills flourished, and her language skills blossomed.

This was a turning point in our journey. The impact of these massages extended beyond Aden to my other children, who, despite not having Autism, also found solace and relaxation in these tactile moments.  Yet, I faced a new challenge - the struggle to find skincare products that aligned with my vision: products that were organic, versatile, and free from harsh chemicals.  Frustrated by the lack of such products on store shelves, I embarked on a mission to create them myself. Thus, Touched By Aden was born. Our 100% organic, all-natural products cater to all skin types, from head to toe. They feature ingredients with easily pronounceable names, emphasizing simplicity and purity.

Our skincare line is crafted using a diverse range of organic ingredients, each offering distinct benefits. One of these key ingredients is Shea Butter, which deeply moisturizes and soothes dry skin while also possessing anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal choice for hydrating and repairing the skin.  


Another essential component is Cocoa Butter, which provides intense hydration, enhances skin elasticity, and contains antioxidants that combat signs of aging while protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Mango Butter, enriched with vitamins and fatty acids, plays a crucial role in nourishing and revitalizing the skin, promoting a youthful appearance, and supporting skin regeneration.

Sweet Almond Oil, on the other hand, excels at moisturizing and soothing irritation while maintaining the skin's moisture balance, making it suitable for all skin types.

Jojoba Oil is a versatile ingredient that mirrors the skin's natural oils, serving as an excellent moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps control excess oil production.

Rosehip Oil, known for its richness in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, stimulates skin regeneration, diminishes scars, and enhances overall skin texture.

Emulsifying Wax is a vital component for creating stable, creamy textures in skincare products, ensuring ease of application and absorption.

Lastly, Grapeseed Oil, being lightweight and non-comedogenic, effectively hydrates the skin without clogging pores, and it's rich in antioxidants, combating free radicals and signs of aging. These thoughtfully selected ingredients work together to provide comprehensive skincare solutions, resulting in a radiant and healthy complexion that reflects the natural power and resilience of the human spirit.

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